terça-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2017

> In 3:31 <

My tears are like the quiet drift 
Of petals from the magic rose 
Sitting under the harvest moon 
When the soft silver 
Drips shimmering 
Over the garden nights 
Within a thousand memories that flows through my mind 
spending time alone in mystery and silence 
The moon comes back nightly 
And lays a gentle touch on my face and said 
"There's a universe inside of you. If you search it inside you will find it. You are the child of the universe and you have a right to be here, you may not know right now, but you will soon when you follow the light whenever it tells you to go. Follow it as it was your last wish, whether or not it will become clear to you right now in the noisy confusion place called Life filled with tricks and turns, broken shattered dreams, regrets, and sham. Keep peace in your soul and don't let these tricks blind you and fog your mind. Even though life can be like this, but it is still a beautiful world. Enjoy your achievements, your plans and dreams. Keep interested in your own map and make your own directions, however humble. Be yourself and make it count everyday as it was your last day on earth, as you never know what might come in the next road. Be yourself. Just breath... Breath.. And slowly.... Let go." 
The infinite stars slowly dance around the moon 
Spreading the moon dust into the atmosphere 
The Stars quietly speaks their language. 
As I sit here wondering in silence of our quiet stars 
As in That moment together, we are infinite. 

(Poem Written by Damien Duque)


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